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Want to have a career with us?

Careers in Career Clinic! Sounds intriguing !
Our Vision is to empower every child to do what they love, so that they love what they do - personally and professionally. Our Mission is to bring accessible, affordable , scientifically based, technology driven career guidance services for children in this world. So that they mould into suitable, passionate and impacting talents for tomorrow’s workforce.
And you can be part of this journey to touch lives, infuse work-life balance, impact society.

Are you looking for entrepreneurial opportunities ? Do you want to add to your education services portfolio? Career Clinic is a great stepping stone. You can invest your time and talent to reach out to parents and students in your city. And when you make a change to their lives, you earn respect and gratitude . More than money can buy !
If you love career counselling and can offer time to be a Career Clinic Counsellor, we would be happy to talk along with your profile.

Are you are a student – studying in UG or high school- willing to intern on technology, digital marketing , insight sales, or psychology? Can you give ~ 8 hours a week ? For 6 to 8 weeks? Share your interest.
Reach us with your interest . We promise to get back within two sunsets !

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