Our Belief

Every child is different. They enjoy doing different things. Using science and technology we can identify what the child enjoys . Early on. Inspire them to chose it as a career. And guide them to the pathway.

Our Vision

To empower every child to do what they love, so that they love what they do - personally and professionally.

Our Mission

To bring accessible, affordable , scientifically based, technology driven career guidance services for children in this world. So that they mould into creative, passionate and impacting talents for the workforce.

Our Values

We know we are guiding a child’s critical decision in life – career choice. Our Career Guides are professional and trustworthy. They are deep listeners. They consider the parent as a trusted partner.

We are a team of professionals who served the technology and education sectors for over two decades . As parents, we faced challenges to get professional career guidance for our child.
- to know what the child loves to do.
- so that s(he) chooses what s(he) loves as a profession
- and get advise on an optimised pathway to reach that milestone

New business and new markets are common in today’s rapidly changing world. From these are emerging myriads of new career options. With corporations getting bigger and start-ups bolder there is a tremendous gap in employable talent across career roles. Identifying suitability early in school and preparing for eligibility in high school and college can generate suitable and eligible talent.

But we had questions to crack before we solve the problem. How do we identify suitable career options of the child? How do we motivate the parent and the child to select from a shortlist of suitable career options? How do we empower the parent and the child to research and explore higher education pathways? How do we offer sustained career guidance ? We put together researched, reliable and user-friendly diagnostics . And top it up with analysis and guidance of experienced Career Guides . And chose the virtual path. Remember the Clinic that cure your critical illness . We would like to be the same for Career Guidance – Career Clinic. Even without you visiting us physically.

Career Clinic is an initiative of iThink Learning.

Awesome Partners

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