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Frequently asked questions

Career Clinic is a platform which helps high school and college students to find a suitable career that aligns with their interests, personality and the tasks they enjoy doing. The career, in which the candidate is likely to be most successful in his / her life, thereby keeping him /her happy throughout the life. The scientific assessment used in Career Clinic is based on world-wide research that clearly shows that when you find this alignment, you are more than four times as likely to succeed in your career.Career Clinic help candidates to gather courage to boldly Choose their Career by Choice and not by Chance. Do not settle for anything less!
No, you do not require any preparation for the Assessment. It is not an assessment related to your education, experience or ability to perform a specific task. It is neither a "test" from any of your academic course. However, it is strongly recommended that one should undertake this assessment when in absolute calm and relaxed state of mind.
This assessment probes more than 175 factors, e.g. task preference, motivations, work environment preference, interests and interpersonal preferences. It measures suitability and enjoyment across hundreds of career options. Scientific research has shown that students who opt for career options with score over 75% are 4x likely to succeed in their Job. Therefore enjoying your career is not only important for your happiness, it is equally important for your success.
Career Clinic is recommended for students in class IX, X, XI or XII or even in college.Infact, as a parent you are equal stake holders. We encourage parents to join the live counselling session that happens after the initial assessment, along with the child. This would help you to clarify queries and agree on suitable career options along with the child.
Career Clinic is quite different from other traditional counseling solutions. It is a scientific, comprehensive and technology-enabled process comprising of 3 sessions:
  • Session-1: Scientific Assessment– a ~ 30 minutes of online assessment; Our Career Guide will advise the student on assessment guidelines.
  • Session-2: Live Counselling - After the assessment, there is an Interactive session with the student and parents for over an hour, at a preferred time schedule. During the session the student, parents and Career Guide extensively discuss multiple perspectives based on the scientific assessment report. Depending on the service opted for, career options , career development and greatest strength of the students are correlated and agreed upon mutually.
  • Session-3: College Guidance - After the clarity on Career Options, Career Guide assists the student and parents on how to use online tool for college guidance. This would help the student and parent to research on the right course, country, college and test preparation. The student and parents will be apprised on how to identify eligibility criteria of shortlisted colleges, check fees, scholarships and admission timelines. All these are related to the career options finalized in earlier session.
The service will also offer an email guidance to all queries over the next 12 months.
Research shows that the traits that make up an individual (our assessment can probe over 170 traits) start showing up at the age of 14 and does not significantly change over time. Hence, suitable career options identified will continue to be valid.
Your child has entered a class where he/she must begin to think what career opportunities to plan for. Infact, at 14 years the child, assisted by you, have ample time to explore and research various career options. And, that is where you need a trusted guide and system to help you identify what career options your child enjoys and is suitable for. Career Clinic sessions will help you discover your child’s suitable options and enjoyment. You will be clear on the stream that your child need to select after passing the secondary Board examinations.
While you are in Class X, stream selection after passing the secondary Board examinations is an important decision. Since you are just on time,you should not further delay in discovering your child’s suitable career options. Career Clinic sessions helps you for stream selection, including the fourth subject that your child can opt for. We have seen that Career Clinic sessions have also helped in deciding to move into a new school that offers the required stream along with fourth subject.On primary analysis of students who have undergone Career Clinic sessions, we observe that students who have proactively selected stream, tend to perform better in their Board examinations.
When your child is in class XI, you still have an opportunity to support your child in learning about suitable career options that (s)he can enjoy. Your child may have already opted for a stream, viz., science, commerce or humanities. Career Clinic sessions can help you discover quite a few suitable career options and career path, keeping the stream selection into consideration. Moreover, you can obtain clarity in terms of the course to pursue, colleges to shortlist, entrance tests to crack and other important information.You can offer appropriate coaching support for your child to prepare for the senior secondary Boards as well as competitive entrance examinations, such that the probability of achieving eligibility for the selected course and college become high.
Better late than never! Now your child is on the verge of getting into an important juncture of career decision. You might be urging your child to excel in the Boards as well as appear for a myriad of competitive entrance examination. Career Clinic sessions can help you shortlist a few suitable career options and career path, keeping the stream selection into consideration. Moreover, you can obtain clarity in terms of the course to pursue, colleges to shortlist, entrance tests to crack and other important information. This will allow your child to focus on the required test preparation, instead of spraying efforts on multiple fronts. This enhances probability of balanced performance in both the senior secondary Boards examinations as well as competitive examinations making him/her more eligible for his/her suitable career options. Thus Career Clinic sessions can help him/her to not only pursue suitable career with high enjoyment , but also save a precious year by being eligible for the course in the first instance.
A large number of students pursuing graduation in the field of Science, Commerce, Arts, Engineering, Medicine, Law etc. need support on a suitable career. Better late than never! They want to know if the course enrolled makes them eligible for the suitable career. Some do not mind a mid-course correction to get on to the right track. Students also need to learn about their behavioural strengths to present and articulate during an interview. Guidance through a career development plan also helps long-term. Suitable career options can turn a student into a successful professional and a happy human being. Career Clinic offers all of these services.
STEP-1 (Day 1) - Register your child by selecting “BUY NOW” option on the home page.
STEP-2 (Day 2) - Make the payment by proceeding to PAY NOW option using Credit/Debit Card and Net Banking.
STEP-3 (Day 3) - The assessment link will be sent on your registered email. Pls check Spam Folder in case it is not accessible from Inbox Folder of your email application. The assessment instructions are comprehensively mentioned and should be strictly complied. The assessment will take ~30 minutes. You can call +91 9717388500 for any support.
STEP-4 (as per preferred schedule selected while registration) - Our Career Guide will interact for a virtual/online or in-person/at your lounge (based on Package selected) counseling with your child along with parents. The counseling session goes over 60 minutes.
STEP-5 (within 2 days of earlier step) Once the counseling is complete, a Synopsis Report of the entire session will also be shared with the parents, mentioning the date of the College Guidance session.
STEP-6 (Day 15) Only for class XI and XII - Another ONLINE / Virtual session will be given to parents and child for College Guidance. This session will take approx. 20 minutes.
You can make payment in two simple ways.
  1. PAYMENT GATEWAY : If you wish to use Credit / Debit Card or Internet Banking Facility
    1. On the home page, click BUY NOW, Chose the Academic Class of the interested Candidate followed by selection of Package. Finally select “Buy Now” Tab.
    2. Fill the details of the Candidate
    3. Chose the Counseling date and slot at least 7 days ahead of registration date.
    4. Submit the registration Form.
    5. After submitting, select payment mode through Netbanking or Credit/ Debit Card.
  2. CHEQUE : If you do not wish to use Credit / Debit Card or Internet Facility, you may deposit a cheque in the nearest Indusind Bank .
    1. Just follow Step 1 to Step -4 as above.
    2. Deposit the cheque using following account details :
      1. Beneficiary: iThink Learning Private Limited
      2. Account No: 20000142488
      3. Bank: Indusind Bank
      4. IFSC Code : INDB000012
    3. Please provide the Cheque details through E-mail at; We will acknowledge on realization of payment and advise next steps through email.

Note that the services will commence on realization of payment.
You or your child can also avail of email guidance on any career related queries for 12 months at no additional charges. You may talk to our Career Guide to have monthly / quarterly follow-up counselling sessions at an additional charge.