Our Core Services

Scientific Assessment

We partner with Harrison Assessments, US. A leader in global talent assessments. Two decades of research reveals that children who enjoy >75% of their work are 4 times more likely to succeed in their jobs. The assessments are designed based on Performance Enjoyment Theory.

  • They are likely to repeat behaviours they enjoy .
  • When they repeat an activity , they tend to get better at it
  • When they do it better, they get positive feedback that increases self-esteem
  • They enjoy the activity even more

The assessment is online and can be undertaken anytime, anywhere by the child. Using a Smart Questionnaire TM It probes 175 traits in the child in less than 40 minutes. This is equivalent to a full day of multiple-choice testing of 2701 sets. By using cross-referencing technology it compares suitability answers and provides consistency and robust lie-detection .

Career Options Report

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This report is an invaluable tool for a child to choose a suitable career. It measures task preferences, motivation, work environment preferences, interests and inter-personal preferences & then maps these preferences to determine a list of enjoyable careers in decreasing order of enjoyment.

Career Development Report

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This report offers an in-depth analysis of the child’s positive or negative task preferences on tasks , interests, work environment, interpersonal skills, motivation , decision-making and leadership.This report when read in conjunction with the Career Options Report explains the list of enjoyable careers.

Greatest Strengths Report

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This report identifies key strengths of the child. It identifies the highest priorities and values. A knowledge of these gives the child leverage to invest on the strengths and make education and learning more fulfilling and successful.We believe it is wise for the child to build on its strength than on focusing weakeness.

Counselling Services

Choosing a career is one of the most important decision of the child. We need to help the child do it by choice , not by chance. A parent can be a trusted career coach to the child. Only if we shift paradigm from ‘eligibility’ to ‘suitability’.
Why should we opt for a career counselling service for the child?

  • We do not understand ourselves largely. So does a child !
  • Research shows that a child is more likely to open up to a trusted guide . Much more than to parents or teachers.
  • A child has a right to chose her career. Not merely to accept one imposed upon by parents. Or self-styled ‘gyan-gurus’ in the friendly neighbourhood.
  • A child may be good at photography , brilliant in running his business, excellent in psychology or passionate in fashion designing. A career counsellor can open his mind in pursuing a suitable career , including the newer age career options.
  • You need a scientific , standardised and validated approach to measure suitability , correlate findings and make it easy for the child to research her options.
  • If identified early , both the parent and the child has time to plan , prepare and execute career options.
Career Guidance

Our online assessment tool probes the child’s traits and throws a bunch of suitable options , that she is more likely to enjoy.Together with the child and her parent , our Career Counsellor huddle into a live online friendly session. We correlate findings. Discover a few more. Learn about their hobbies and pastime. And unanimously agree on a few options. We guide the child and parent to further explore these options before locking on a couple of them.

Stream Selection

An important decision to take after 10th grade is to enroll in an appropriate Stream in 11th grade. Although it may have limited impact on the aftermath, it is wise to choose one with low risk and high opportunities. Having learnt about the career options, we map it backward to easily choose the appropriate stream.

College Guidance

We know of many children who have decided their career options. Yet they and their parents are unsure of the next right step.The choice of college is an important decision in the milestone. Like it or not , the decision and actions has too many variables. Location : India or abroad? Delhi or Chennai? CollegeFee Structure? Scholarship? We give the power in the hands of the child and parent to dynamically set controls and relentlessly research options and possibilities with little pieces of technology.


Once a career has been shortlisted , we encourage parents and the child to talk to an industry expert. We connect you with a professional from the industry to get better insight of what the child has opted to do. The professional guides the child with real experience of industry trends , job roles , work environment, career progression and compensation opportunities.

Currently, we have a panel of professionals offering their time and talent to mentor students. They are from industries and sectors like Engineering, Architecture, Information Technology, Industrial Design, Medicine, Scientific Research, Data Science, Gaming & Animation, Law, Literature, Business Management, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service , Accounting, Banking , Financial Services, Insurance, Education , Media , Journalism, Public Relations, Interior & Fashion Design, Sports, Performing Arts, Commercial Artist, Healthcare, Travel & Tourism, Oil & Gas , Archaeology and a few others. Our industry relations team add to this panel continually.

You can talk to the industry expert once the child has been assessed , counselled by our Career Guide and a suitable career shortlisted.

Since the panel constitutes working professionals, we are constrained to share their profiles publicly. We pay them a honorarium for their valuable advice.

HA Assessments

Our backbone

Harrison Assessments was founded by Dr. Dan Harrison in 1990 with a vision to help individuals select and develop top talent. Dr. Harrison is an expert in Personality Theory, Counselling Psychology and Human Potential Psychology and Mathematics. It has assessed over 20 million individuals in over 30 countries.

20 + Years of Performance Research - Harrison Assessments are based on more than 20 years of performance research that focuses on understanding the differences between high performers and low performers. The assessments are highly valid and reliable.

Evaluates Suitability - The suitability component of each Career Options evaluates how the child compares to a complete set of suitability factors including attitudes, motivations, interpersonal skills, interests, work values, and work preferences. Most systems only measure personality.

175+ Traits Evaluated – The assessments evaluate over 175 behavioural traits, while most assessments in the industry only evaluate 10 to 20.

SmartQuestionnaire - Advanced cross-referencing technologies make over 8,000 comparisons, providing the equivalent amount of information of 2,700 multiple-choice questions in less than 30 minutes.

Test Authentication - Any attempt to deceive the SmartQuestionnaire is instantly detected by more than 500,000 cross-references of the answers. It handles the issue of deception better than any assessment questionnaire in the industry.

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